Tuesday, March 15, 2005

NCAA Basketball Tournament

Time to talk sports. College basketball to be specific. This is a great time of year for the hoop fan. The NCAA tournament starts Thursday. No disrespect to the "play-in" game tonight or the women's tournament intended. But the big daddy is the men's tournament. 64 schools hoping to get hot and win 6 games in a row. There will be drama, there will be upsets, there will be more announcer histrionics then anyone should be made to bear. But in the end it's always fun.
Here are a few of my predictions. North Carolina over Illinois in the final. Upset special, #12 Old Dominion over #5 Michigan State. And my 9 year old says watch out for Gonzaga.
More later...

Thought for today: Life is too short to drink light beer or eat cheap ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

Rough start in your selections Tom....my bracket doesn't look much better! Farley