Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New music link

We just posted a link to the web site of one of the bands performing at the concert in August. Craic Wisely is an excellent Irish music band. Follow their link on the right to find out more about them.

There are also links to great pictures of outer space at Astronomy Photo of the Day, and Google's new mapping site featuring satellite views. See if you can see your house!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Red Frog Drum & Dance Ensemble in concert. Posted by Hello

Music Festival this summer

This is an early notice of a very cool event happening this summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Irish music band Craic Wisely and the African drum group Red Frog Drum and Dance Ensemble will headline a concert on August 18, 2005. The show takes place at Studio 28 on the southwest side of Grand Rapids. Founders Brewery is the sponsor, so there promises to be good food and good drinks. Watch for more details as they become available.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

More sports...NBA playoffs

I love this time of year. NBA playoff action. Games actually mean something. Teams other than the Detroit Pistons play defense. The flash and dash succumb to the pick and roll. Sure there are still un-called traveling violations (Just how many steps can Allen Iverson take without dribbling?), mysterious fouls, and poor shot selection. But all in all it's a great game. And a weird one, too. How does Steve Nash score 48 points, the playoff best this year, and the Suns lose? How do the Indiana Pacers use up all their timeouts (doesn't each team get about 12 a quarter?) in the 3rd quarter and get a technical foul when they call their "mandatory" time out in the fourth? And what is a "mandatory" time out? A team is forced to stop the action? I always thought those were TV time outs. I guess we learn something every day.

Thought for Today
A speech doesn't need to be eternal to be immortal.
-James Osborne, Commander, Salvation Army

Monday, May 09, 2005

Where have I been?

A good question. It's been over a month since my last post. I didn't mean to be so lax with my journalistic responsibilities. I could make some lame excuse about work getting in the way, but that wouldn't be true. I just chose to do other things rather than"blog".
We could call this entry the weird weather update. Last Tuesday, May 3, we had snow here in Michigan. Yesterday it was 80 degrees. Spring is a great time to live here, especially if you enjoy unexpected events, like the daily weather.
I promise to be more attentive to my blog this month. Of course, some actual readers, who would leave actual comments, would probably help motivate me.

The difference between success and failure is doing a little more than the average person.