Thursday, March 10, 2005

Music review

Let me tell you about a band I first heard on National Public Radio just before Christmas 2004.
Laliya is unique musical group playing an array of instruments I'm not sure have ever been played together before this. James Maquire and Melissa McCarthy live in Australia. He plays an Appalachian dulcimer and Australian didgeridoo at the same time. She plays an African djembe drum. The two musicians and three instrument blend perfectly to create a one of a kind sound.
After hearing them on NPR I started trying to find a CD. I tried the big box stores, the local record shops and several on-line outlets. No one had even heard of these guys. Eventually I found their web site, They have music clips on the site and an email address. So I emailed to find out where I could buy their CD's. Melissa responded and said there was one on-line place in Australia that had it, and they only used PayPal. So I ordered "just Like River", their latest CD. When it arrived 3 weeks later the return shipping address label was personally signed by Melissa. Laliya performs live in Europe and Australia. I would love to see them come to the states. Check out their web site for a taste of something really wonderful.

Today's thought:
If Columbus had turned back no one would have blamed him, no one would have remembered him either. -Lance Smith

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