Thursday, April 07, 2005

Not everyone goes away for Spring Break

Thankfully the weather in Michigan has been quite pleasant this week. Sunny, with highs in the 60's and 70's. Since we are almost the only people in our neighborhood who didn't go away this week for Spring Break, the good weather is appreciated. While our neighbors are vacationing in Florida, the Bahamas, and on cruises, we've been doing yard work, riding bikes, and sleeping in (except for those of us who still have to get some work done this week). Another nice thing about staying home this week is that nothing is crowded. No wait at restaurants. No lines at museums. No humans to talk to when you call a business. It's been great.

In other news I did beat my 9 year old in the NCAA pool. But only because North Carolina pulled it out at the end. We both had Illinois and NC in the final, but he picked the Illini to win it. Thanks for the big game Scott May. I am still the sports ruler in my house, for a little bit longer.

Today's Thought: The difference between success and failure is doing a little more than the average person.

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