Thursday, January 16, 2014

I haven't mused about music in a long time. According to the sub heading on this blog that's one of things I'm supposed to do. 

I was doing chores and web stuff around the house this evening. I often have music on when I do this kind of thing. Tonight I was listening to the adult alternative music channel on Comcast. (We can discuss the horribly named catch-all genre later.) Anne Lennox singing "Why" came on and stopped me in my tracks. I have always enjoyed her music. In fact, I think Anne Lennox has one of the best singing voices in the world. On this track her voice is clear, strong, and full of emotion. The song is from her 1992 album "Diva". That was 22 years ago. That's amazing. Sometimes music transports us to an earlier time and fills us with old memories. (Perhaps that explains the popularity of oldies stations.) But tonight "Why" made me live in this moment. There was something about it that just seemed to envelop my entire being. The song started, I stopped what I was doing and just sat down and listened.

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