Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snowtorious BIG

The snowstorm that rolled through the Midwest last night and early this morning dumped a LOT of snow over the region. Chicago got over 18" and Lakeshore Drive was closed because it was full of stranded cars. Around her we had 12" to 16" of the white fluffy stuff. Schools were closed, activities were cancelled and several businesses didn't open today.
One of the interesting occurrences was the use of Facebook as a news source for people to keep up on what was going on. With lots of folks off work they were able to spend the morning on line and specifically on Facebook. Everyone was posting how much snow they had and when they were shoveling. There were pictures of everything from the snarled traffic in Chicago to snowdrifts on my neighbor's back porch. While the mayor of Grand Rapids stopped short of declaring a "Snow Emergency" it was a day that, in a soft way, showed the power of the internet in keeping people informed, without relying on traditional news sources.
Of course the best part was all the names that this blizzard was called. My favorite ended up as the title of this post. But we also had Snowmaggedon, Snowpocolypse, Snonan the Brrbarian, Freeze Winterspoon, and Snowpra Winterfree.
And in the end it only took three of us 2 1/2 hours to clear out the driveway.

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Pam Andrews Hanson said...

Nice post! Last year WV, where we lived 15years, had the winter from Hades (oxymoronic I guess!) ...'snowpocalpyse -sp- was the term bandied about the most!