Thursday, May 19, 2005

More sports...NBA playoffs

I love this time of year. NBA playoff action. Games actually mean something. Teams other than the Detroit Pistons play defense. The flash and dash succumb to the pick and roll. Sure there are still un-called traveling violations (Just how many steps can Allen Iverson take without dribbling?), mysterious fouls, and poor shot selection. But all in all it's a great game. And a weird one, too. How does Steve Nash score 48 points, the playoff best this year, and the Suns lose? How do the Indiana Pacers use up all their timeouts (doesn't each team get about 12 a quarter?) in the 3rd quarter and get a technical foul when they call their "mandatory" time out in the fourth? And what is a "mandatory" time out? A team is forced to stop the action? I always thought those were TV time outs. I guess we learn something every day.

Thought for Today
A speech doesn't need to be eternal to be immortal.
-James Osborne, Commander, Salvation Army

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